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Lead with Excellence in Clinical Research

New technologies and recent scientific discoveries have resulted in the growing number of breakthrough drugs and therapies that are being introduced to the market. But before any of these medical advancements can become widely available, they must first pass a rigorous clinical research phase. The significant growth rate of research and development in medicine has led to a growing need in the health industries for professional clinical research practitioners who can design, monitor and manage clinical trials. If you want to advance your career in the health field, pursuing an advanced degree in Clinical Research Administration can help you take advantage of this growing need for clinical research leaders.

In 2001, the George Washington University (GW) launched the first online Master of Science in Health Sciences (MSHS) in Clinical Research Administration program. Since the program’s inception, GW continues to provide students with the highest standards of clinical, regulatory and business requirements in the development of new therapeutics and conduct of clinical trials. GW’s online MSHS in Clinical Research Administration is an applied program grounded in practical skills and knowledge that will prepare you to lead the business and science of clinical research.

Designed for working clinical research professionals, or those in a related field, the online Master in Clinical Research Administration program expands students’ knowledge of drug development, clinical trial conduct, monitoring, and the business, ethical and legal perspectives of the clinical research industry. The flexible, online MSHS in Clinical Research Administration program is offered through GW’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences, one of the top research medical schools in the country according to U.S. News & World Report.

For those interested in an online certificate, GW also offers a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research Administration

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Join a Cutting Edge Program at the Forefront of Clinical Research

GW’s high quality and innovative curriculum is aligned with the eight published Competency Domains for the Clinical Research Professional as identified by the Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency.1 The practical curriculum is designed to give students the clinical research skills and competencies needed for immediate entry or advancement in the field following graduation.

Eight competency domains:

1. Scientific Concepts and Research Design
2. Ethical and Participant Safety Considerations
3. Medicines Development and Regulation
4. Clinical Trials Operations (GCPs)
5. Study and Site Management
6. Data Management and Informatics
7. Leadership and Professionalism
8. Communication and Teamwork

From product development and research design to ethical decision making and teamwork, learn critical industry knowledge, skills and attitudes to effectively manage clinical research processes and meet compliance requirements. Students can also choose an elective focus of study in either international clinical research or clinical research monitoring to meet their specific career goals.

Gain Management Skills in Clinical Research

Throughout the clinical research degree program, students apply knowledge and skills to real-world projects. Students put theory into practice by completing professional assignments such as developing a subject recruitment and retention plan, developing elements of a change management proposal, and developing an implementation plan for leading change in this evolving field. As a result, students gain practical experience and valuable leadership skills while building a professional portfolio.

Become a Strategic Leader

GW’s program has a strategic leadership emphasis, which is unique among clinical research administration programs. Going beyond the business of clinical research, students learn how to lead complex, dynamic organizations by competitively scanning the environment through health care policy analysis and creating elements of a health care enterprise strategic business plan with the opportunity to choose aspects from their own workplace. In addition, students develop their own leadership style.

Program Outcomes

GW’s online graduate program brings together industry-specific curriculum and world-renowned faculty members to prepare students for a long and successful career in clinical research administration. Upon completion of the MS in Clinical Research Administration program, students will:

  • Utilize effective leadership and management practices to effectively lead and/or manage inter-disciplinary teams/projects by applying critical thinking and problem solving skill sets.
  • Demonstrate a solid grasp of the clinical, regulatory and business requirements in the planning and conduct of a clinical trial.
  • Integrate research design principles with scientific, medical, regulatory and commercial requirements by creating clinical development plan sections to provide adequate benefit to risk assessments in the development of a new investigational product.
  • Evaluate the importance of assuring data integrity in a clinical trial and in the preparation of various clinical/regulatory documents through professional assignments such as quality checking a clinical study report.
  • Formulate strategies to address ethical and cultural considerations for effective and compliant domestic or international clinical trial conduct, in relation to key areas such as human subjects’ protection, subject recruitment/retention, data integrity and risk assessment.

Build Connections with Clinical Research Professionals

During the program, students have the opportunity to connect with GW’s expanded network of professionals. Our graduate program faculty is comprised of exceptionally knowledgeable, seasoned clinical research professionals who are top drug development and policy experts.

In addition, students build a strong network within the program and among a multidisciplinary student body. There are opportunities for group interactions through projects such as developing an early stage clinical development plan, which promotes leadership, project management and drug development skills.

Discover Excellence in Clinical Research Leadership

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