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Clinical Research Administration Career Outlook

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Advance as a Leader in Clinical Research Administration

Clinical research administration continues to evolve into a more global environment and complex set of integrated research and business processes. Newly developed tools, drug discovery mechanisms, genomic technologies and biological approaches as well as new approaches such as therapeutic and diagnostic approaches and standards of patient care are driving exponential growth in the field—as well as exponential growth in the demand for professional clinical research practitioners. Clinical Research organizations need leaders with a vision beyond the business of clinical research to guide the development of breakthrough medical treatments.

The George Washington University’s (GW) online Master of Science in Health Sciences (MSHS) in Clinical Research Administration was designed to answer this growing need for clinical research jobs.

Salary.com reports clinical research director positions have the earning potential of an annual salary of $234,002. Also reported on salary.com, clinical data manager positions have the annual earning potential of $120,856. Senior-level medical writer positions, as reported by salary.com, have the annual earning potential of $88,562. These are just a few of the high-paying and in-demand careers in clinical research that you can pursue with a masters in Clinical Research Administration.

GW’s online MSHS in Clinical Research Administration is unique in both its real-world approach of applied knowledge and skills as well as its focus on strategic leadership – making our graduates stand out to prospective employers, and also preparing them for some of the highest level (and highest paying) positions within a clinical research organization.

Clinical Research Job Titles

An advanced clinical research degree from one of the top universities in America will help you advance your career or start a new one in the growing field of clinical research. Obtaining your MS in Clinical Research Administration will also lower the minimum hours requirement needed to apply for the Certified Clinical Research Associate program. The CCRA designation, combined with a Master of Science in Clinical Research Administration from the prestigious and highly ranked George Washington University, will give you a competitive advantage over your peers in what is expected to be an increasingly competitive job market.

Graduates will be prepared to lead health care organizations in the following roles:

  • Clinical Operations Manager/Director
  • Clinical Project Manager/Director
  • Clinical Research Manager/Director
  • Clinical Study Manager/Director
  • Clinical Trial Manager/Director
  • Data Management Manager/Director
  • Drug Safety Manager/Director
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) Member
  • Medical Writer
  • Quality Assurance Manager/Director

Types of Clinical Research Employers

Graduates can enjoy rewarding careers with employers across a wide range of health care and research organizations, including:

  • Academic medical centers and research institutions
  • Biomedical organizations
  • Biotech companies
  • Consumer products companies
  • Contract research organizations
  • Defense companies
  • Diagnostics companies
  • Generics companies
  • Government agencies like FDA and NIH
  • Hospitals, medical centers and other health care settings
  • Medical device companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Private research laboratories

GW’s Master’s in Clinical Research Administration program prepares clinical research professionals to meet the increasing global needs for highly qualified leaders in the clinical research arena. Click here to learn more about GW’s practitioner faculty currently active in the field.

Discover Excellence in Clinical Research Leadership

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