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Clinical Research Administration Student Testimonials

Learn why students chose the George Washington University’s online MSHS in Clinical Research Administration

“I chose the CRA program at GWU given the outstanding reputation of both the program curriculum and the George Washington University. While employed as a Director of Operations in a clinical research environment, I was able to apply the coursework to my role as a clinical research and regulatory manager on a daily basis.  Whether ensuring that pertinent regulations were followed at our center or being more adept at reviewing a protocol, the core curriculum was a key factor for my success at leading my team. Likewise, health sciences coursework relating to management and the evolving healthcare environment were vital in my role as a medical practice manager and more so as an independent consultant to physician practices.”

“The faculty at GWU were all extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields and more importantly, passionate with regard to the field of clinical research.  In addition, the faculty was enthusiastic, supportive, and approachable at all times, which is fundamental for success in a distance learning environment.”

-Angela Vince
MSHS in Clinical Research Administration Alumnus

"I decided to attend GWU as it is not only a prestigious University but for the online program offering."

"The online program has empowered me with knowledge and has allowed me to perform my duties as a study coordinator. In addition, my writing skills improved, which is important in the clinical research industry, where every detail needs to be documented."

"During the course work, the faculty continuously motivates students to discuss all aspects of clinical research, with an emphasis on Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Within the program discussion boards, faculty provides feedback to students’ posts and are also available to assist in searching for internships and important resource material a student may need."

MSHS in Clinical Research Administration

“This past couple years in the CRA master’s degree program have been the most transformative of my life, and I look upon the years as a time of rigorous study, enlightenment, and significant growth both professionally and personally.”

“I have been so impressed with the caliber of GWU professors and instructors, the relevancy of the coursework we studied, and how applicable our study, dialogue and projects were to the “real world” which we students were encountering in our healthcare industry professions.”

“The program taught us to think more critically about the challenges and changes occurring in the healthcare industry and to realize the obligation we now have as current and future leaders to share our opened and educated minds in thoughtful, compassionate and productive ways on the job, in our corporations and organizations, and in our communities throughout the US and across the globe.”

-Cynthia Adams Quant
MSHS in Clinical Research Administration Alumnus