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Champion Quality Healthcare Products

Offered through the George Washington University’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences, the online Master of Science in Health Sciences (MSHS) in Regulatory Affairs program was developed in collaboration with regulatory affairs professionals working in industry and governmental agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institutes for Health (NIH).

The Master’s in Regulatory Affairs program incorporates global regulatory strategy across the curriculum to develop strategic business leaders and equip graduates with the critical thinking skills needed in today’s domestic and international job markets Through the 36 credit-hour program curriculum, students will complete their two-year degree and gain an understanding of regulatory strategy that can be immediately applied to students’ careers in the field. Skills learned include:

  • Apply financial principles in strategic business decision-making and evaluation
  • Demonstrate leadership skills in change management
  • Develop professional communication and negotiation
  • Apply regulatory affairs strategy to optimize business objectives

Why Students Choose GW’s MSHS in Regulatory Affairs Program?

  • Global Perspective: Gain multi-faceted skills needed in today’s local markets and abroad.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Graduate with expert knowledge of regulatory strategies from the combined practices of law, science, and business.
  • Extensive Networking Opportunities: Engage with a rich, global network of professionals who are actively shaping regulatory policy.
  • Practitioner Faculty: Learn from current and former FDA officials and renowned industry insiders.
  • Applied Curriculum: Study a curriculum designed by industry experts that is current, relevant and industry-focused
  • Flexible Learning Environment: Benefit from the flexibility and freedom to complete your two-year degree while maintaining personal and professional commitments.

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What Will I Learn?

Graduates of the online MSHS in Regulatory Affairs program will have learned the skills to advance to leadership positions in clinical research, FDA-regulated product development, patient advocacy, quality assurance, quality control, global regulatory strategy, and public health policy.

As a graduate of this program, you will be fully prepared to:

  • Provide strategic direction and integrate business needs in matters of regulatory science and affairs in the healthcare industry.
  • Lead and collaborate with private sector and governmental stakeholders for effective development of medical products.
  • Understand the philosophies and roles of the domestic and international regulatory agencies that oversee drugs, biologics, medical devices, and diagnostics.
  • Evaluate the scientific and economic value of bringing new healthcare products into the global market.
  • Analyze clinical trial and public health data to develop successful regulatory strategies.
  • Navigate the submission and review process domestically and internationally.
  • Manage regulatory aspects throughout the product life cycle.
  • Understand the factors that influence healthcare policy on a national and local level and how policies influence regulatory practice.

Redefine Regulatory Policy Domestically and Abroad

GW’s online MSHS in Regulatory Affairs program prepares students to meet the need for highly skilled regulatory affairs professionals, to champion effective deliveries of healthcare products while evaluating the scientific and economic sustainability of new products in the global market.

Through the interdisciplinary approach to regulatory affairs, students learn to combine practices of law, science, and business and apply these principles to a variety of careers in regulatory affairs. Typical roles for regulatory affairs professionals include:

  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  • Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Technical Engineer
  • Quality Control Manager

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Online Regulatory Affairs Graduate Programs

GW offers two online Regulatory Affairs graduate programs. Students have the option to choose from either the Master’s or Graduate Certificate program. The Regulatory Affairs graduate certificate program consists of 18 credit hours, all of which are transferable to the Master’s program, allowing students to seamlessly matriculate into the Master’s in Regulatory Affairs program.

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Connect With Regulatory Affairs Authorities

GW’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences’ proximity to agencies and experts in Washington, D.C. creates unparalleled opportunities for students to make career connections with leaders in the field who are actively shaping global policy and advancing change in the healthcare system.

Advance Your Career as a Strategic Leader in Regulatory Affairs

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