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Back to the Basics: 5 Tips to Increase Time Management for Regulatory Affairs Students

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Students in the online Master of Science in Health Sciences (MSHS) in Regulatory Affairs at the George Washington University lead busy lives. Most, if not all, students have returned to college to obtain an advanced degree while still working full-time jobs. Between work, personal and school obligations, time management becomes a crucial component for every student in the program.

To help students find a balance, here are several time management tips and tools to ensure that you accomplish your work on your own time, wherever is most convenient for you, and without interfering with your other professional and personal commitments.

1. Prioritize the Week Ahead

After a long day of work, family dinner and bedtime routines, there isn’t a lot of time left in the day to study or complete homework. What time is left should be prioritized.

At the beginning of each week, sit down and create a list of obligations. Look at work schedules, personal obligations and homework that’s due. Write out a schedule on a dry-erase board that accomplishes everything on the list.

  • Tool to help: Sunrise. It’s a free calendar app that will keep students on schedule while on the go.

2. Delegate Chores

Students should rely on their support systems for help. While prioritizing the week, see if there are any tasks that can be delegated to others. For example, maybe a grandparent can take a child to football practice, or perhaps the kids can handle the sink full of dirty dishes.

By clearing part of their schedule, students have more time to devote to coursework and studying.

  • Tool to help: Students with children can try ChoreMonster.com, which is a digital chore wheel that gives each child tasks and creates a fun way to work through a to-do list.

3. Find Quiet Time for Homework

Carving out quiet time for homework is tricky with a full schedule, but many students weave coursework into their day by waking up early to complete homework before the kids go to school, or retreating to their offices after the kids are asleep to focus on their studies.

  • Tool to help: iStudiez Pro. Students can organize their schedules and even set up push notifications before assignments are due.

4. Create Review Cards

As students work through the course material, they can turn the information into review cards. Students can go through them while waiting. For example, while waiting for an appointment at work, a student can pull out his or her review cards and go through a few. Flip through them during lunch or while waiting in line.

  • Tool to help: StudyBlue. This app allows students to create digital flashcards for every subject. Students can add images and audio notes to stay organized and educated.

5. Plan Downtime

While schedules are demanding, it’s important to factor in some downtime. Spend an afternoon with the family, or take a walk around the block before work to let the brain decompress.

Filling every minute of every day with chores and schoolwork will lead to burnout, so students should clear a Sunday afternoon or a Wednesday evening for something that’s not an obligation or chore.

  • Tool to help: Time to Enjoy. This app is an “instant event itinerary for any location,” allowing users to find fun events to attend in their backyards.

Time management is a valuable skill to have, not just for students in the Master of Science in Health Sciences in Regulatory Affairs program, but on a universal level. That’s why GW’s online programs are designed to give you the flexibility to maintain balance with your current job, while applying lessons and adding value to your role.

The online regulatory affairs courses are offered in an asynchronous format, and course materials are available to access 24/7, when it’s convenient for you.

Online Regulatory Affairs Graduate Programs
GW offers two online Regulatory Affairs graduate programs. Students have the option to choose from either the Master’s or Graduate Certificate program.

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