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Regulatory Affairs Student Testimonials

Learn why students chose the George Washington University’s online MSHS in Regulatory Affairs

“One of the things I really enjoyed about working with the faculty is their knowledge of the field, the real life examples, and the accessibility to contact with the professors.”

“Within the program there were lots of opportunities to network through small group projects and team presentations and I was able to benefit from learning the different perspectives of my classmates.”

“The online Regulatory Affairs program at GW provided me with a good foundation to achieve a balance between home, work and school. I am now able to validate my educational experience by applying it to my career in the field while also managing my day-to-day responsibilities.”

GW alumnus, Andrace DeYampert, shares her experience in the online program with the Regulatory Affairs Program Director, Dr. Daniela Drago. Andrace shares her experience interacting with faculty, flexibility of the online classroom and exposure to diverse student viewpoints. Click on the podcast below to listen to the full interview.

-Andrace DeYampert
MSHS in Regulatory Affairs Alumnus

“In regards to my career, the Regulatory Affairs program provided me with a better understanding of how products are developed and brought to market. The Regulatory Affairs program has also made me more marketable since I'm in the process of leaving the military and looking for civilian employment.”

-Gary Bush
MSHS in Regulatory Affairs Alumnus ‘12

“My degree at GW was an excellent experience and enabled me to advance my career. The information and classes were so pertinent to my daily job responsibilities. Since receiving my master’s degree, I have moved to a director-level position and am charged with heading the establishment of a newly formed research institute.”

-Dina Aziz
MSHS in Regulatory Affairs Alumnus ‘12

“The Regulatory Affairs program at GW has helped me understand the regulatory system and regulatory policy in the United States, and the knowledge I gained at a U.S. University has accelerated my daily work. With the help of feedback from instructors throughout the program, I learned how to think strategically and logically.”

-Sachie Kubota
MSHS in Regulatory Affairs Alumnus ‘13

“Since the beginning of the semester, I have been able to directly apply the learnings in the classroom to my day-to-day responsibilities, and I plan to take this knowledge and continually expand it both within the program and with hands-on experience (fittingly, I just accepted a job offer for a full-time position in regulatory affairs today!)”

-Sarah Rogers
MSHS in Regulatory Affairs Student

“My learning experience with GW has been exceptional. Yesterday, I was informed that I obtained a Regulatory Affairs position in my company, Actavis. I was able to perform well in the interview thanks to all I have learned... I believe that many professionals who are looking to start a Regulatory Affairs career can benefit from the GW program as I did.”

-Ingrid Levitt
MSHS in Regulatory Affairs Student